Rachel Skibo

As many of you know, our dear friend, and cafe leader, Rachel Skibo, will be moving on to other opportunities in mid February. She has been the heart, soul, and lets be real, the brain, of the cafe for over a decade. We are so excited for her and this new chapter and yes, also heartbroken that we will not have the privilege of her company on a near daily basis. 

We’d like to send her off with a very clear message of how much she has meant, and means to us. If you are reading this, it means that you likely have had the privilege of knowing Rachel in some capacity as well. Our goal is to assemble as many messages of thanks, congratulations, pictures, memories etc. as possible and present them to her at her going away party. 

Messages can be as simple as a “Best of luck on the new adventure”, or as involved as writing a paragraph or more about your experiences with them. Some of you that have been closer to her may have pictures or other items to share as well. I implore you to share them all. The more we can give her the better!!

Messages can be digital, handwritten, scans of hand written, physical photos, scans of photos etc. Really anything goes here. I will be assembling everything into a scrapbook of sorts. You can email digital items to andrew@milsteadandco.com

Mail any physical items to 754 N 34th Street Seattle, WA 98103 c/o Andrew Milstead or also drop anything off, in a discreet manner, for me at the cafe. 

I ask that all items be sent to my February 1st in order to make it into the gift. 

If you have questions, concerns, ideas, anything of that nature, feel free to reach out to me at the email mentioned above. 

Thank you for your participation with this, it means the world to me, and will mean the world to Rachel as well. 

Andrew Milstead

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